Roll over

I woke up Tuesday at 5am halfway through the following thought: meteor showers are no good when the sky is filled with one huge cloud.

I set my alarm early, considering that this specific meteor shower visits only once every quarter-century or so. I woke up before it went off and sat in bed looking at my ceiling. (The view was roughly the same as laying on the grass looking up at Portland's November sky.)

Somewhere between waking early and waking for work, I reached over and grabbed my alarm, turned it off, and set it next to me in bed.

As it turns out, right when I should have been waking up, I rolled over and my alarm stuck me in the back good and hard.

Not exactly what it was built to do, but it worked.

The wind is incredible today.

Last week, the golden trees were gripping their leaves tightly, and though the streets were blanketed with the leaves they'd let go, the trees themselves were still sufficiently colored.

This is no longer true.

And so the barren look of winter is upon us.

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