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I finally updated my 404 to match this not-so-new green design.

Last night the city smelled of rain (and why souldn't it have? It rained for 15 days straight) and I fell in love with it again. We came out of this house over in SE and Doug said, "Just smell that. Mmm. Rain."

Today the sun is shining, though the drive to work was wet.

this and

Today I set up a special text-only channel for all of you avantgo users. Just click here if you've got an account already. Then click "Save Channel." It's already configured perfectly. Take me home with you!

Anyone feeling generous?

So I've been looking over honeymoon locations, and I really want to take Amy to St. Croix, Mexico, or Hawaii.

My father is giving me a full week's worth of his timeshare, so the lodgings are paid in full. I'm just concerned about a plane ticket, and that's enough concern.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on three grand?

(Actually the truth is, there's this beautiful little place in North Carolina that looks just fine. It's right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beautiful scenery, if nothing else. And a quaint little town. I could go there.

I think I'd like it better, though, if it were in the Caribbean, or Mexico, or Hawaii.)


Yesterday, I dropped Amy at the airport. We barely had time to grab a cup of tea. I mean, we walked straight from Coffee People to the gate, and suddenly they were calling her seat assignment.

She kissed me goodbye and headed off to Kentucky.

I went to work, intending to be there from noon to eight. But by four, I was falling asleep at my desk (I didn't tell you we were up until four in the morning the night before cleaning, did I?). So I took one last load of things to the apartment where Amy will live before we get married (I didn't tell you we took the apartment, did I?) and I went home to see our cat and to make some dinner.

By seven I was drooling on the couch. I woke up when Amy called at nine.

Things sound fine in Kentucky. Her parents have a new (but nice) house. She already spent some good time with her grandmother. As soon as she can, I expect she'll begin interviewing her grandfather for a book she wants to write.

In one month, I'll go to visit. In two months, she'll be back. And in five, we'll be married.


We have a million things to do before Amy leaves. We have to pack up her apartment and move it to various places throughout the city. We have to get a better handle on what we want in our ceremony. We need to play a little.

Jota is coming to stay with us for two months. My apartment is actually much larger than Amy's, and I think the cat will be happy there. There's more room to do cat things. She can chase her tail through five rooms if she wants.

I can't wait until Amy and I have a space of our own. Oh, I know we'll fight over silly things, like where this or that picture should hang, or whether the plants go here or there, or whatever. I'm happy to fight about that stuff. In the end, we'll have a place that is our own. We're looking at an apartment right in the Sherwood city center (um, that's roughly four blocks by five blocks) today. It might be the right place, but how will we pay for it while Amy is gone, and while I'm still rooming with two good friends?

This fall doesn't resonate as soundly as the last one, though the colors are just as vibrant, and the sun (for the few hours it is around) is just as bright. I think I'm just happier. Happiness takes the edge off of everything. It's harder to write, harder to design. I don't think it's impossible, though. You don't have to hate life to create things you can love.


It's 5:22pm PST and I'm getting ready to drive home.

The sun has been down for half an hour now. It is raining outside.

Amy leaves in 13 days.

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