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October is one of my

October is one of my favorite months of all time. Partly, it has to do with not just getting back to school (which is what September is about), but instead, really getting settled into school... into a good solid routine.

That's kind of a funny feeling to have, since I haven't been in school for four years now. But our memories are powerful things, I guess.

I love the smell of the (suddenly!) cold air. I love the changing leaves. I love getting out my heavy coats, putting on wool sweaters, rubbing my hands together swiftly to keep them warm while waiting for the bus.

It's a quiet time.

Amy and I have been eating a lot of squash the last couple of weeks. Delicata, mostly. Baked in the oven, then sliced in half. A little butter to taste.

Hm. There's not much else to tell.

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