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The news from Portland

It has been pouring rain the last few days, and I mean it when I say "pouring." A friend said today, "it's 'Upstate New York rain,' not 'Portland drizzle,'" which is probably true, though I remember winters past when it rained this hard here.

It's okay with me, because I absolutely love the rain. But it does make it basically impossible to be very active -- at least, not when you equate "active" with "outside."

I'm supposed to run today, but it seems like I won't make it. It's too cold and too wet.

Actually, it's not so much that. More, I'm still full of lunch, and by the time my stomach is ready for me to run, it'll be dinner time. Lame excuse, I know, but it's true.

On the job front, I begin a contract next week that will last at least three months. Three months of regular paychecks. We won't know what to do with ourselves! If we can manage to live as "simply" as we've been forced to live this last half year, we'll be able to sock away a lot of money. Which would help if we go through rough times like this again.


I saw a funky version of "A Chrismas Carol" earlier in the week with my mother and sister. The set was spare and the script remained amazingly true to Dickens' book, which was actually very effective. I enjoyed it immensely.


And that's the news from Portland. I'm curious how you are. Are things going okay? Tell me.

Cebollo (the kitten we kept

Cebollo (the kitten we kept for ourselves) is growing at an amazing clip. He probably weighs three pounds by now. At six weeks, he weighed just over one. He and Jota are getting along better than we expected, though there are times when she tires of playing with him and gives him a couple of good smacks to make sure he knows which Varo-Haub feline is boss.

"Cebollo," by the way, is pronounced seh-boy-oh (seh as in "set"). It's like "cebolla," which means "onion" in Spanish. Only we've made the word masculine. It's not a "real" word, but that's probably a good part of the reason I like it. We call him "boy-o" a lot.

The hunt for work is moving along. I haven't found something full-time to replace working at Rhino, though there has been a lot of freelance work in the last few weeks, and there are a couple of big contracts coming up. We're doing okay, considering the state of the job market right now.

Amy's schooling is getting more intense every week, though she's going to be on break over Christmas. She starts teaching her first class next week!

We're off to a post-Thanksgiving brunch at my father's house. I hope you all are well.

creative group

Today, I had an interview at The Creative Group. It's nice to be in contact with good people, and I hope good things come of it.

We've given all of the kittens homes, too, which is good.

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