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Keys can suck

Last Wednesday, I tried a new key in my new car. It was 9pm and I was two hours from boarding a flight to Kentucky. Amy and her family were picking me up from the Louisville airport at 9am the next day, and I wasn't coming back until Sunday night.

The new key was a little stiff, but not difficult to turn. It worked just fine -- until I tried to turn it back.

Tim was in his car -- engine running -- waiting for me to finish the new key test run.

Long story short: the key was stuck. I broke the head off trying to get it out. (Stupid? Maybe. Reasonable under the crazy circumstances? I think so.)

I left for Kentucky.

My brother (ain't family wonderful?) called the dealership, had the car towed, and found a way to cover the $220 repair charge until I could get home to pay for it.

When I got back, he picked me up in my car.

He handed me my key (they rekeyed the new lockset) and I drove home.


Blah2blah is close at hand. Frightened? I am. But I'm not afraid of planes falling out of the sky. I'm afraid of you. Behave yourself, my friend.

It's half past four and it's pitch black out there.

Some of you are probably wondering whether I'm making it or not, considering my last :: teeth ::. I'm just fine. I promise.

I dreamed a lot last night. Strange dreams that I can only barely remember. They weren't bad or good, either. They were just dreams.

Damn it all, I want to tell you a good story. There just aren't any to tell today.

Unless you have one.


I know I shouldn't still be at work at 9pm, but I promise that I'm not working. I'm talking with Amy and browsing around a bit. I've got some random netsurfing to do today.

Today, like every weekday, I'll drive right past the apartment where Amy and I will live once we're married. Ten minutes -- as a matter of fact -- into the drive, I'll drive right past it. Twenty minutes later (tonight the traffic will be wonderful -- another perk of leaving so late) I'll be home. Home for now.

The cat will need her litter changed. I'll sit down and pay some bills. The plants will need watering.

I haven't been remembering my dreams recently. I sleep too hard. And I never sleep in: sleeping in is always a sure-fire way for me to remember my dreams. When I'm half-asleep, I'm half-awake, too. My awake half takes notes.

I don't know what I'm feeling right now. I miss people I love a lot. I love the sound of the rain outside my window. I want to climb into bed early tonight; I want to sleep through the morning tomorrow; I want to wake up startled from a dream.

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