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I'm trying to write today

I'm trying to write today without swearing at all, which is fucking difficult considering that thousands of people are inconceivably dead.

It's difficult enough when a freeway collapses and hundreds are trapped, or a giant building falls over because of an earthquake, or a hurricane sweeps through a town and tears buildings to pieces. But when someone makes a choice to turn a plane full of people and rocket fuel into the World Trade Center, it's something else entirely. Someone in the world decided to do this, and I can't even begin to understand why.

I have no idea what to do, either. We're thousands of miles from New York and Washington. I can't even give blood. They're turning people away at the Red Cross, so many volunteers are turning up.

So I've been watching for signs of life from the people I know on the East coast. The one person I know in New York is alive today. So are all of the people I know anything about in DC.

All of you over there, I?m thinking about you.

I'm still here!

I'm still here, folks. Things are just going in strange directions. Work is rough, but I still love it; Amy is in school (both the school where she's student teaching and the school where she's working toward her MAT); both of us ran over 15 miles (in three parts) in the Hood to Coast a couple of weeks ago.

We had a wonderful vacation, too, to Florida (to visit Amy's paternal grandmother) and to Kentucky (to visit Amy's parents and most of the maternal side of her family).

In Florida, we played bocce with the folks in Granny Varo's apartment building. We spent time with Amy's great aunt Vickie and her husband John. (Vickie is 92. Granny Varo turned 89 while we were there. They've got some amazing stories, as you can probably imagine.) We visited the beach.

In Kentucky, we ran a little 5K (as a warm-up for the Hood to Coast); we spent a lot of time relaxing with the family; I played (loose term, here) tennis with Amy's brother, John Paul; I helped my father-in-law buy a new computer; we bought some new shoes.

It wasn't a glamorous vacation, but we weren't in the mood for glamour. It was just really nice to get away.

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