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The village, and stuff

It's raining for the third day in a row. I'm speculating that the divine forces out there don't want me rollerblading on my new wheels and bearings. They skate a little on the fast side, and it's difficult to stop.

I can't skate in the rain, therefore I can't fall down and break my head.


Amy took me to an 8th grade graduation last night. The kids she's been teaching for the last year were involved, and she wanted me to see them. It's been, let's see... 12 years since I graduated from 8th grade. It was fun, watching them celebrate this small but somehow important step in their lives.


In other news, we're seriously thinking of moving in the next month. We love the place we've got now, but it's just not close to where I work, and where Amy will be going to school.

Actually, the perfect place--after we triangulated my office, the college, and the school where Amy will most probably student teach--is Multnomah Village. Besides being a quiet, clean, fun little town with a little of everything (delicious cafe, greasy spoon, coffee shop, pizza joint, mexican restaurant, toy store, bakery, candy shop, bookstore), it's also about a mile from my childhood home. So we'll see what happens.


On Vancouver Island, on the way home from the West coast, we were stopped dead in our tracks by a bald eagle taking off from the middle of the road. If you've ever seen a bald eagle, you know that they are gargantuan birds, with beautiful black and white markings.

It must have been resting on the side of the road. It spread its giant wings wide, lifted itself off of the pavement, caught a gust of wind, and flew up into the wet sky.

We'd just come from French Beach, famous for its man-made driftwood forts. It's also a beach filled with perfect skipping rocks. (The water is far from perfect, though. If you wanted to skip, you had to throw your rock nearly parallel to the shore, between waves.)

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