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I really don't understand why I always want to write the time into these entries, like a dispatch from some distant place: "It's 2:57PM here, and I'm feeling drowsy." That's always the first thing I write. And then I delete it and start over.

The new espresso machine finally showed up. The whole office has been walking around in a dead stupor for two months now, and suddenly everyone is springing around and smiling widely.

I sat in on the barista training. The perfect shot, for the beans we currently use, pours in 24 seconds. It sounds like the ultimate in snobbery, but I tried a 30 second shot and then a 24 second shot, and I'll tell you what... one of them tasted horrible, and the other one was demitasse heaven.

Amy got a bunch of art supplies for her birthday. The centerpiece of the whole thing is her new easel. But she also got money for paint, two stretched canvases, and a very nice box for her supplies. She's thinking of art school, which I think is an absolutely wonderful idea.

nothing special

I think a spider bit my shoulder last night while I was sleeping.

It didn't hurt (I don't think), but when Amy woke me up at 1 in the morning to get ready for bed (I'd fallen asleep in my clothes), there was a red bump on my shoulder with two holes in it.

I'm feeling tired today, but the sun is shining gloriously, and Octoberfest is this weekend.

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