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sun and a good run

It's almost 4pm here in Portland and it's hot at my desk. I sit right under a huge skylight, which is usually a wonderful thing. I'm sensitive to light (or the lack of light, actually) so a whole truckload of natural light is really good for me.

But light is energy, and on a day like today, when it's hot in the office everywhere, the sunlight just means 10 extra degrees.

Amy and I are going to run the new EastBank RiverWalk after work today. We haven't been running enough, considering that we'll be running in the Hood to Coast in August. It's time to get moving, I guess.

Tim & Katie Evans

When Tim and I were roommates, I was just months from marrying Amy. So he didn't see much of me, and when he did see me, I was usually thinking about this or that aspect of the wedding.

Now, over a year after Amy and I were married, Tim and Katie are honeymooning in Cabo San Lucas.

The wedding was simple and beautiful--a fine reflection of the two of them.

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