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File this under "I'm not

File this under "I'm not as crazy as I thought."

Matt Haughey just followed up on Merlin Mann's confessional post about Since U Been Gone, the incredibly addictive new Kelly Clarkson single.

Yes, I'm talking about that Kelly Clarkson. Kelly "American Idol" Clarkson. I mean, I always kind of liked her, but the Idol music is all pretty nasty drivel. Or worse, it's great music that the Idol contestants turn into some trilly pop lameness.

Since U Been Gone is still pop music, make no mistake. But it's great pop music.

The best part of all is the way, on the chorus, the baseline goes 3 (of the root), 4 (the root of the sub-dominant), 1. It's one of the best bass lines ever. Been done before, but I'll always like it. Always.

For me, the whole thing started at halftime of some football game. (It was an important one, I think, but I can't remember which one. Not the Superbowl.) She was one of the acts, and she sang the whole thing totally live. I could tell because the sound guy mixed her really poorly. But regardless of the bad mix, she sounded great, and I remember thinking, "hey, that's one hell of a song."

Thank God I'm not the only one who thought it. I guess I'm not (totally) crazy.

Update: you can (sort of) add Jason Kottke to the list.


Kudos this morning to Boing Boing for catching the scariest machine on the planet, the (and I'm not kidding about the name, people) E-Z Catch Harvester, which is literally a chicken vacuum.

Watch the video, and make sure you hang on long enough to see the chickens shot out the butt end of the machine into the cages. It's like a miniature version of the human cannonball trick, but it happens over and over until the cage is chock full of chickens, ready to be shipped off to some meat processing plant.

I guess we weren't getting chickens from farm to fast food with enough speed.

Update: the Brightcoop site has taken the video down. Considering how popular the video was, I'm not surprised. I looked everywhere for copies of the video online and finally found one. I don't have the bandwidth to spare, but if anyone out there does, I'll be happy to pass the video along to them. Just ask.

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