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no beating around the bush

Though I feel like going on a nasty tirade, I won't. Let's just leave it at this: I cannot believe I now live in a state where both my governor and president are named Bush. It's disheartening, not because I disrespect either man (though I have more respect for the younger brother), but because I disagree with them both.

My local representative to the House of Representatives is also someone I disagree with. It's a sad thing. I don't feel represented at all. But that's part of our political system: everyone has a chance to choose the members of their government. And the people in Florida have spoken.

Maybe I should go to law school, after all. Or back to school to study political science. But I doubt any major party would have me for a candidate. I'd say something unpopular, like "you get what you pay for, and right now, Floridians aren't paying enough for anything."

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