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nothing much

At any rate, if I don't get something down today, there'll be all of two journal entries for september 1999.

This morning Portland was covered in fog, surrounded on all sides by an indiscriminate grey mist. It's 1pm now, and there isn't a cloud in the sky.

up north for a wedding

Amy and I went north for a wedding this weekend. We stayed with my friends Ryan and Heather Hawk.

On Saturday night we walked around the lake to this place where we had marble-top ice cream. My dear friend Jeremy Nelson and his girlfriend Gina were there, too.

On Sunday, Amy and Ryan and I went to the locks. No fish were swimming in the ladder, though it is supposedly the season for them. A seal surfaced at one point in the big lock.

The traffic on the way up and back was terrible. People who were in a hurry weaved from lane to lane without using their turn signals. The rest of us did what we could to avoid getting killed.


I spent the whole morning washing windows.

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