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It's almost 6pm, EST (I

It's almost 6pm, EST (I don't know if I'll ever get used to being on Eastern Standard Time) and Amy is at school, cranking out grades for mid-semester reports.

In the local news, someone killed his uncle, aunt, and three of his cousins. There was an "exclusive" interview on one of the channels, in which he showed zero remorse. Apparently, someone was abusing his kids. Or at least, so he thought. Five people dead, and he'd do it all again, he says.

Yesterday, a gentleman got his arm taken off by an aligator. It's not that common, believe it or not. It never happens in the city. Not even close to where we live now. But it's still amazing to me that I can travel an hour west and suddenly be surrounded by gators. At some point, we're going to go hiking in the Everglades. But not until I do a little bit more research on how to do that safely.

We need to find somewhere to hike. Some kind of natural beauty besides the beach. At this point, Florida to me is just a giant, beautiful beach attached at the hip to a million strip malls. And that's just not fair, because it's not true.

We also want to buy a canoe or a couple of kayaks. Especially around Fort Lauderdale, there are all kinds of beautiful, easily navigable canals and rivers that we need to explore. Apparently, there are even a few parks that you can't reach except by boat.

We're not quite ready for visitors, but friends and family, let us know when you're planning on coming down. Especially this winter, I have a feeling you'll appreciate the Florida sun.

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