Serendipitous it was

It's the little things that make everything feel better.

Sometimes they are silly little things, even.

Monday morning, I noticed that the chain on my bike was jumping regularly. To a beat.

I almost got hit by a truck while I was trying to locate the cause of the problem.

I let my heart slow down. I twisted this knob and turned that crank.

Nothing was working.

Then I saw the problem.

My chain was twisted.

Going up, I couldn't throw any power into my pedalling without the chain slipping every five feet or so. One small bend in one link of the chain and my bike was useless.

So I went, cursing and redfaced, to the local bike shop to buy a new chain.

And while they were looking at my bike and shaking their two-wheeled hipster heads, one of them said, "hey, that crank's been recalled. Want a new one? We'll install it free."

Sure, I said.

Such a silly little thing
(that made my day).

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