I'm always amazed by the big deal we make about the shift from one day to another.

Humans are intrinsically ritualistic, so the whole thing makes sense. It is important to us to keep track of the number of times the earth goes 'round the sun.

And the best way to do that is to mark one day as special, wait 364 (or more) days for it to come around again, and drink like fish when it does.

As for me, I've never really understood the whole thing.

But this year, everything changed all at once.

On the 30th, Lars and Anne packed all of their belongings into their blue VW bus and left for Calgary.

On the 31st, Doug and I (and Amy and my sister and my friend Tim, who were gracious as ever) packed up all of our stuff and moved out of Trinity Place.

The problem is this: everything went to storage, I went to Amy's for the next 20 days, and Doug went wherever they'll have him.

In eighteen days now, we'll move into an excellent small house, half a mile from where I used to live, and that much closer to work.

In the end, it all worked out.

But I haven't had enough time to think about everything that has changed.

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