This whole website fits snugly in a small corner of one zip drive, with room to spare for unfinished projects and budding ideas that will eventually be unfinished projects.

Once in a while, there'll be something tht pops from the disk to my server space, and then you'll get a glimpse of me. Slight, but slightly clear.

I'm looking into this or that thing, looking for inspiration or something else that will drive me over the edge into a new place.

So I have this idea that we should write stories about our parents.

Good stories. Bad stories. Hard stories.


Real ones, I say.

I want stories that explore the realization that our parents are people, too. It is a universal realization.

Yet it continues to be remarkably striking.

And though some stories may not individually seem to honor our parents, a set of stories stacked together side-by-side, honest to the last, will do something far better: it will honor the truth.

I think that's worth a thought.

Anyone got a story for me?

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