A philosopher sees the earth as a large planet traveling through the heavens, covered with fools.
-Bernard de Fontenelle

Bernard may be right. Especially if he's talking about the young trendy couple in front of me last night in the "cash only" line at the supermarket.

When it was finaly their turn to pay, the husband was standing by the flower display, basically in the entrance.

His young and well made up wife was the one responsible for paying. After all of her items were scanned, she handed the cashier a credit card.

"Is this a debit card?" the cashier asked.

"We use it as a credit card," the young woman said. Her carefully styled hair shook as she spoke.

The cashier stared at her for about five seconds.

"Let me remind you this is a cash only line," she said.

The young woman just looked at her.

The gentleman behind me muttered, "Lame. Can't they read? It's cash only."

At this supermarket, credit cards take an incomprehensible amount of time to process. Partly because the cashiers have to write the receipt by hand.

We waited.

And to ensure we had an accurate idea of this couple, just as the young woman's transaction was finished, her husband pulled out a wad of CASH and proceded to ask the cashier for change.

"A ten, a five, and five ones will do," he said.

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