And this afternoon my brother told me a story of his heart and the earth sighing in unison and my heart sighed with his and with the earth's and suddenly I, like them, was aware of what it is that has been holding me down.

It has been holding me from a hundred different directions, from every possible angle, with more than strength--with a rigidity beyond explanation--so that struggling has been nothing more than a waste of my energy (though I will continue to struggle).

Now my brother has come across the room and he sees me typing this and he shakes his head with frustration, as if to say, "you are wasting time and I have things for you to do."

And though I have sighed with him and with the earth, I am also reminded that in our present form, we never really escape.

Our hearts are turned toward the light and they are illuminated clearly. I bow my head and cover my face to protect it from the sudden brightness. And I am thankful that I live a life immersed in Hope.

Because one thing is revealed that we cannot deny.

We are broken.

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