Everything in time

Spring has arrived.

Thankfully, some people of importance decided to give us back our hour of evening light as well. Last night, the sun set at 7:28pm (or so).

The sun is shining again today.

There are two trees directly outside my window. One is green with new leaves. One is still winterbarren. I think they're the same kind of tree, too. Everything in its own time, I guess.

My pictures from the trip to Smith Rock are back, though I did not bring them in for scanning today.

Sometime, I hope to tell you about that trip. Especially about the incredible shadows cast across the rock spires by the moonlight.

Everything in its own time.

One last thing: if you look in the archives, you'll see that my first journal entry was April 10, 1998.

I'm not sure what that means.

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