june summer

It's 9:56pm on the West Coast and the light from the sun is just now fading. It was a perfect Portland summer day: hot all afternoon, but pleasant now. And everything is surrounded by the aura of fading sunlight.

The sun has actually been gone for some time. But you know how light hangs around after the sun goes down, don't you?

Alyssa and Tonya came to Portland to hang with me for a little while. They're doing a cross-country trip that boggles the mind. And I'm incredibly jealous. Anyway, they only really got about two hours of my time, which probably wasn't enough. But I'm glad they came by.


Tomorrow, Amy and I are hosting the first meeting of a little, pretty informal writing group. I hope it inspires me to write some more. I really need the feedback that they might be able to give.


And last but not least, I'm going to Germany in August. I'm incredibly excited about it. Lars and Anne are getting married on the Lake of Konstanz. We're going to spend the week after their wedding hanging out on an island in the lake. It just doesn't get any better!

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