getting dooced

Idiocy, apparently, is reaching new heights. Can someone please explain to me where Brooklyn, Mia, Rich, Bill, Robert, and the rest of the hatemail specialists get off sending email to Heather telling her what she can do with

It's funny (not HAH HAH funny . . . more of that ironic half-laugh funny) to me for two reasons:

First, though some of them talk like they've been reading Dooce for a goodly long time, apparently they're all oblivious to Ms. Armstrong's personality. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and I don't blame her. She's not going to change Dooce, or take it down, or spend another second thinking about any of your suggestions, folks. Nope. If you're especially idiotic, maybe she'll make fun of you.

And second, Heather Armstrong owns and operates It's hers. What makes the people who write hatemail think that they even deserve a read? They might get it, but that's just Ms. Armstrong being kind.

For my part, I'll take Dooce in whatever flavor she's serving up today. If it's not sparklingly brilliant (as every monthly letter to Leta has been) I know it's at least going to be fun.

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