neurotic dreaming

I've been having this dream for months now where I'm a school kid in a classroom and I've never done any of the work. I just sit there in class and worry about my grade, which must be very low.

Early this morning, though, I got an assignment back, and I got a perfect score! Actually, I got a 32/40 and 8 extra-credit points.

I think Amy's teaching (and her kids' tendency to do very little work) is seeping into my brain. It must be that.

Though this is also just a variation on a theme: arriving at school and realizing I don't have any clothes on, getting fired over and over again at the same job, presenting a project at a board meeting that turns out to be nothing but crayon scribbles.

I'm certainly neurotic, but I think I get most of it out when I'm sleeping.

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