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love.jpgSingapore surprised me a bit. I was expecting a very nice, clean place, but what I wasn't expecting was the vibrant (if a bit tame) art scene there. Whatever the reason, S'pore is really deeply in love with art, and that is celebrated pretty much everywhere you look.

Taxis take credit cards and use a strict metering system, and the public transportation there rivals what I saw in Hong Kong: it's cheap and efficient and easy to use.

The only thing they're missing there is some kind of equivalent to the Octopus Card, which is one of the best things about HK.

singapore.jpgS'pore also has some of the craziest architecture I've ever seen, including this building. That boat-like thing on the top of those three towers is the "park" and pool connected to the "resort" (read: casino) in that complex. Those little stubbly things at the very top are palm trees. People are wandering around up there. It makes me a little sick to my stomach just thinking about it, but I also find it fascinating. If I'd been in S'pore for any longer, I'd have tried to get up there.

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